Electrical Aggregation Meeting

by Noah Srajek

Energy company SIMEC’s President Reg Ankrom and Ameren representative Cody Smith fielded questions on Tolono’s electrical aggregation program on April 18, for which SIMEC is responsible. 

The program works by negotiating a 24-month electricity contract for the whole village with an electricity provider, instead of individual residents buying directly from that provider.  The contract is currently up for renewal.

Ankrom calculated that a non-participant currently paying $200 per month for electricity could expect to see roughly $30 in savings per bill.   Residents of Tolono currently have one of the lowest electricity costs anywhere in the state, Ankrom said.

Participation in the program is automatic, but dropping out at any time is completely free.  Residents will still receive service through the infrastructure of their current provider, and may still contact them with day-to-day questions regarding their bill, power outages, or similar problems.   Participants can leave the program at any time with our penalty.

Voters passed the program in 2013, with involvement in the program functioning on an opt-out basis - residents would automatically be included for participation in the program unless they specifically declined to do so.  Ankrom and Smith assured residents that they would not receive any further contact about the matter whether they enrolled or declined, and to consider any callers claiming to call on the program’s behalf as illegitimate.

An attendee of the meeting spoke up on the topic of scam calls, noting that he had received a significant amount of them.

“Scams are a huge problem,” Smith said. “They are something where we really want to get the information out - protect your account number as you protect your social security number.” Smith further advised residents to contact their electrical providers to confirm a call’s legitimacy.

If renewed, SIMEC’s contract will be up once again for renewal in April of 2020.  

For more information, non-participants can contact the city of Tolono.  Residents enrolled in the program can contact their electricity providers.  They can also refer to Mr. Ankrom’s presentation on the Village of Tolono’s Facebook page.  


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