Village of Philo Street Repairs Scheduled

The Philo village board of trustees has approved work on the drainage system in the village, especially the sledding hill, which village engineer Dave Atchley described as “seeping.”  The tile has been broken or may have collapsed, Atchley said.

Atchley has found a contractor who will replace many of the drainage tiles and plant new grass seed mix that will help erosion on the hill and in the drainage retention basin.  The work will begin as soon as possible.

On Cleveland Street, the drainage tile will be replaced.  The engineers cost will be $25,388 for the project.  The board voted unanimously to put the project out to bid.  

Sidewalk Repairs

A section of sidewalk on Van Buren needs to be replaced.  The board approved $900 to be paid to Randy Frick to do the job.  The homeowner has agreed to pay half the cost.

Stage Repairs at Hale Park

There are seven more shows planned for the bandstand at Hale Park, and the stage is falling apart.   The board of trustees approved a bid from Randy Frick to redo the concrete base for $1800.   “It’s a lot to spend but if someone got hurt and it was our fault, it would cost a lot more,” said trustee John Mumma. 

A request had been made to the board to replace the backdrop of the stage and create a cover, but the cost of $12,249 from the original builder had the board in agreement that that was more than they wanted to spend on the project.  Franks suggested that the village staff might be able to do part of the job for much less.


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