Sidney Board of Trustees approves lease with American Legion

SIDNEY —The Village of Sidney approved a lease with the Sidney American Legion for two rooms at 221 S. David St.  The lease was approved with all trustees voting in favor at their Monday meeting.

The lease will provide the Sidney American Legion a couple of rooms where it can store its equipment. The American Legion property at 212 S. David, where the organization currently resides, has been having issues with the building and the cost of maintaining it.

“The reason we are looking to do this is our expenses for our membership are going up, but our membership numbers are going down,” said Dan Cline, member of the Sidney American Legion. “We can’t sustain our building anymore, our funds just won’t cover it. Philo’s went under, Homer’s went under with American Legion and we’re next basically.”

Sidney Village Board President Charles White thought that it would be unfair for the Sidney American Legion to put in work maintaining the building only for the possibility of the board making a decision of having the building demolished.

“The only problem I had is if they decide to tear this building down or something, I don’t think it’s right to have you guys spending the money on fixing a room or something for the stuff you want to store and then we tear it down,” White said. “That just bothers me a little bit.”

Bill Hensch of the Sidney American Legion was worried of the possibility the building being sold by the village only to leave them “out in the cold.”

“The affiliation with the village and American Legion has always been a good one,” Hensch said. “I hope that we can keep it that way.”

Marc Miller, attorney for the village, made a proposition in the agreement for the board that it be able to terminate the lease for any reason on a year’s notice.

“Should things radically change six years from now, maybe people aren’t volunteering, it’s not running the way we thought it was going to run, we’re not locked into 20 years,” Miller said. “But they get at least a year to know that there is going to be change. I figured a year is plenty enough time for them to figure out what they want to do.”


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